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TIANJIN XINGHAI PRINTINGINK CO.,LTD. possesses rich technical force, advanced productive technology, complete test and inspection equipment. It manufactures “Tian Cheng Brand” printing ink, with an annual capacity of 5000 tons. The main products are: High grade process offset gloss quick-set printing ink; gloss quick-set printing ink; Non-skinning high grade process offset gloss quick-set printing ink;? offset resin printing ink;? offset rotor rich technical force ink; Gold and Silver Pasters for printing ink; Auxiliaries for printing ink.
???? The company is the fixed point test and inspection unit of the State Printing Decoration Quality Supervisory Test and Inspection Centre, Director unit of China Daily Chemical Association Printing Ink Branch. The “Tian Cheng Brand” printing ink was appraised as “New Century Chinese Excellent Product” ,and it was also approved and used by large-scale printing enterprises in the country.
??? The company provides customers with the most suitable products, comprehensive application instructions, and the most recently developed products. With the wisdom and the convincing and satisfactory service, it is committed to establishing long-term partnership with the customers.

 TNS  Non-skinning …
 GT-ON  Quick-setti…
 TGS-1  Quick-setti…
 TGS-A Quick-settin…